Dr. John Sutherlin visited today with "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" today and discussed a number of topics.  We asked Sutherlin why a state lawmaker can get his or her own "pet" legislation passed such as stronger DWI enforcement while private citizens can't.

Dr. Sutherlin replied "Louisiana is one of the few states where citizen initiatives don't mean anything.  It's virtually impossible for you as a citizen to get anything pushed through". In the case of  Rep. Sherman Mack's DWI bill that would strengthen penalties for second offense DWI Sutherlin said "if it saves lives, I'm all for it".

On the sale of state prisons to help balance the budget Dr. Sutherlin said he agrees with Senator David Vitter that too much "one time money" has been used in the past to make this a viable option.

Listen to the interview with Dr. John Sutherlin:

Listen to the second part of our visit with Dr. Sutherlin:

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