East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore addressed the thought on many people’s mind: when will the results of the federal investigation into the officer-involved shooting of Alton Sterling be made public? Moore says since his office recused itself early on in the case, he can’t be exactly sure but,

“I can tell you that I do expect it to be released in a few months. Not knowing exactly when that will be whether it’s next month or the month after. I base this only on the length that other federal reports have taken.”

Moore says Baton Rouge has proved itself to be a city of non-violent protests and encourages everyone, regardless of the ruling in the case, to protest peacefully when the U.S. Department of Justice announces the results its probe.

“If persons decide to protest, we will expect them to follow the agreement that says protesters cannot protest on interstate highways but they can protest on roadways when closed by law enforcement for that purpose.”

Moore says protests are also allowed on sidewalks as long as it does not obstruct other pedestrians. He also encourages everyone to work with city officials and law enforcement to ensure all protests in the future are done peacefully and factually.

“Too often in today’s world, for instance social media, the truth can be lost while rumors and falsehoods circulate rapidly, like announcements of Alton Sterling’s reports that have gone on for months.”

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