For the second year in a row, Spring Break will be lacking in Panama City Beach, FL.

PCB took a serious hit a few years back when drinking was banned on beaches, but this stretch of sand used to be home to some of the most epic Spring Break parties of all time. College students would flock from all over the country to this small Gulf Coast destination for a full week of partying that would make memories for a lifetime.

Those wild Spring Break days will never be the same but to add insult to injury the PCB staple known as Club La Vela won't be open for the second Spring Break in a row.

It truly makes me sad that college youngsters won't have the opportunity to wait in line for an hour to pay a ridiculous cover and dive face-first into hours of debauchery and instant regret. I can remember DJng at La Vela at the age where I should have been partying there. Actually, it was the first place I actually saw my name in lights on a marquee and you best believe I have those terrible disposable camera prints somewhere in a shoebox.

To quote a Barstool article, La Vela is one of those places that are just "dirty in a good way."

Whether you were nearby staying at The Summit or trekked your ass from the Holliday Inn filled with 4 blow up mattresses while wearing Wal-Mart thong sandals you probably have a memory of this place. Even if it's just the seeing the line in the parking lot and thinking who the hell would (or has) the money to afford the $100 cover or however how much they jacked it up to in March.

So, like our friends at Barstool said, let's "pour one out" for La Vela as it looks like this may be the end.

But you never know—it could come back. Stranger things have happened.

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