Federal regulators have ordered Entergy to pay back customers in Louisiana and other states 135 million dollars for overcharges. Spokesperson Lee Sabatini says that means the average customer will see a few bucks knocked off their January, February, and March bill.

“In Baton Rouge, a customer’s bill ranged between 110 and 120, depending on the weather, and that will be five dollars less expensive over the next couple of months.”

That average customer uses 1,300-kilowatt hours a month.

Sabatini says tens of millions of dollars from that settlement are on their way to the Bayou State in the form of refunds.

“The refund in total is about 58 million dollars. Of that, about eight million will go to Entergy New Orleans customers as well.”

The refund will appear as a “fuel credit” on your bill.

The refund is related to a suit that was filed by the Louisiana Public Service Commission in 2009, challenging a business deal made by Entergy Arkansas from 2000-2009.

“The company was selling power, and the federal regulatory commission determined that there was nothing inappropriate about the sale, but that we had misinterpreted language in the system agreement.”

That deal benefited shareholders but lead to higher charges in Louisiana.

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