Buc-ee's the best gas station of all time announced in January of 2019 that they would open their first-ever Non-Texan Buc-ee's store. The Texas-sized gas station company opened the biggest gas station Alabama had ever seen and every time I drive past it on the way to Florida my heart skips a beat.

The Alabama Buc-ee's was a whopping 53,254-square-feet which is more than 21 times the size of the average convenience store. It has over 120 fuel pumps, which means no matter the time of the year you will be able to fill up.

The craziest part about all of this is Buc-ee's hires on average about 250 workers. That's 250 jobs, which is a huge boost in any community. Since the opening of the Alabama store, Buc-ee's has opened stores in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and South Carolina as well.

Of course, we are all still thinking Buc-ee's should have looked into Texas' favorite neighboring state Louisiana, as their first Non-Texan Buc-ee's.

We still think that Shreveport would be the perfect place to bring a Buc-ee's. We don't want to have the largest Buc-ee's we just want one. We would take the smallest Buc-ee's just to say we have one.

The largest Buc-ee’s in Texas is about to lose its title to Tennessee.

New Braunfels is home to the largest convenience store at 66,335 square feet, of course, that store is Buc-ee's. However, Buc-ee’s just announced they are competing against themselves. Sevierville, Tennessee is about to see the biggest convenience store, yup even bigger than Texas. The store will boast over 74,000 square feet.

According to KETK "The new building will be between Nashville and Knoxville" and it's the second location in Tennessee. Pointless road trip anyone?


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