You have to wonder just what he is trying to hide.  This morning Barack Obama invoked executive privilege to keep some of the documents involved with Fast and Furious out of the hands of Congress.  All of this is part of the building questions surrounding the Attorney General and his handling of the ATF gunrunning operation that was apparently botched at some point.

Many in Congress have called for Eric Holder to resign as Attorney General since he has been so elusive on this particular issue.  Time and again Congress has asked him questions and time and again he has tried to wiggle out of them.  Then he planned on releasing documents until the White House put the brakes on that.

So what is the President hiding?  It is the one question on the minds of many people today as they watch a President that rode the case of George W. Bush for the same thing, do that which he said Bush shouldn't have done.  You have to think that something in the papers are damaging enough to out and out kill any chance that the President has at re-election.  Why else would he hide these papers from Congress?  Given that questions will surround him about this, it might just be another blow to the President as he tries to make the case for a second term.  How many people will respond that they don't trust the man that promised openness and transparency to the public when he ran for the office in 2008?  Indeed, if this is openness, I would hate to see the mountain of things that we don't know about the Obama Administration.  It staggers the imagination.

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