Minden Congressman John Fleming is not very happy about what has transpired between Edward Snowden and the National Intelligence Agency.

"Snowden is not a hero."

Fleming views Snowden's actions as illegal and dangerous to national security.

"He ran to the arms of our potential foes," Fleming told KEEL News.  "We just don't know how much valuable information he may have given to the Russians and the Chinese."

He points to the nations and cities Snowden has traveled to so far.

"Hong Kong is controlled by communist China," Fleming explained.  "Of course, Moscow is in the hands of Russia which is run by [Vladimir] Putin, who's ex-KGB who is trying to reconstruct the old Soviet Union."

The Russian government has said they will not accept American requests to arrest and extradite Snowden, saying he has not entered their country.  His next stop?

"Supposedly he's on his way to Ecuador.  I don't know what relationship we have with Ecuador."

Congressman Fleming wants to get Snowden, but says he doubts it will actually happen.  He, like other Republicans recently, have pointed towards the White House as the reason other nations are not working with us.

"The rest of the world is laughing while Barack Obama and John Kerry beg Russia and others to cooperate," stated Fleming.

Although he wants to prosecute Snowden, he is not pleased with what he learned about the NSA's surveillance program.

"Stuff that's come to light here that I'm not happy about, primarily because I do think it may well violate the 4th amendment of the Constitution, the right to privacy," the Minden Congressman told 710 KEEL Morning News.  "But also, that Congress, despite what you may have heard was not informed of these things, at least not the rank and file members."

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