Once the ring had been cleared of David Vitter's  hat you knew there would be a flurry of other hats being tossed in to that ring to take Senator Vitter's place. The most recent official hat in the ring belongs to Louisiana Congressman John Fleming.

The U.S. Representative from Minden made his announcement official via You Tube.

It's with this hope for a brighter future, a stronger and safer country, and the restoring of the American dream for every hard working Louisiana family that I announce that I am a candidate for the United States Senate.

In a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network Congressman Fleming suggested that among his priorities if elected to the Senate would be removing Obamacare, helping stimulate small business growth, and the fight on terrorism.

Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley of the University of Louisiana at Monroe suggested that Fleming would have a pretty good chance of earning Vitter's seat in the Senate.

John Fleming is a very conservative Tea Party Republican.  It's going to be very hard for any other Republicans to 'out conservative' him, if you will.

Speculation is that there will be several other high profile Republicans vying for your attention and your vote as the election grows closer. Congressman Charles Boustany has already announced his intentions to seek David Vitter's seat. It is expected that the race might also include Scott Angelle, Rob Maness, and John Kennedy.

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