President-elect Donald Trump is slowly but surely putting the pieces of his administration together. Some prominent Louisiana leaders are reported to be on the very short list for some of the Trump administration's key positions.

It is no shock that most of the names being mentioned are those of Republican leaders. So, just who are the people that could become a part of the President's inner circle of advisors?

Bobby Jindal’s name has been floated far and wide has a rumored candidate for Health and Human Services. A Fortune Magazine writer recommended David Vitter for a treasury position.

Jeremy Alford of made those comments in a story reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. Another well-known Louisiana political figure, Charles Boustany, is being considered for a position in the Trump administration as well.

Some sources are suggesting that Boustany is being considered for the position of chief U.S. trade negotiator.

A lot of these names are being floated on confidential sources, these are kind of unconfirmed rumors that are being reported by major newspapers and political magazines.

As outspoken as Mr. Trump can be he is playing these announcements and appointments very close to the vest. His circle of advisors has released very little information about potential appointees up until the time they are appointed.  So, that means if of when these appoints come to pass we will likely find out at the same time.

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