It's the lure of easy money. It's got a very strong appeal. Those words from Glenn Frey's 1984 hit Smuggler's Blues can also apply to football fans. Especially fans that would like to get their hands on tickets for bowl games involving LSU and U.L.  Okay, more so for LSU since the Tigers are playing in a national semi-final game that isn't in Mobile.

Whenever there are sporting events that draw a lot of national interest you can bet the bad guys are paying attention. Passionate fans are pretty easy marks when it comes to scamming tickets and the ticket scammers are already out there.

Ticket prices for the LSU versus Oklahoma matchup on December 28th are already well beyond face value for some seats. Granted, the game itself is not a sellout, many of the premium seat choices have been taken. We've seen some ticket prices as high as $2,500 on Ticketmaster's resale site. I can only imagine what kind of ridiculous money-grabbing fee Ticketmaster would tack on to those seats.

But, if you want to be safe, you're going to have to pay the piper or the Ticketmaster because they are the official resale outlet for the Peach Bowl. Basically, that means if you buy tickets through them then you can rest assured that your tickets are legit and will be honored at the gate.

Some of the other sites can't make that promise although most of the reputable ones will be able to deliver the tickets you want with hardly any issue at all. You just need to do the research. Even in football caveat emptor, let the buyer beware, applies.

Oh, one more thing if I may. If you can, always buy your tickets through sites suggested by the university you support. The schools do get revenue from ticket sales but only the sales made through the school. So, double-check before you double click and make sure your money and your support are going to the place where you want it to go.

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