He has remained free while appealing, but that is about to come to a halt.  Former Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson is going to have to start serving his 13 year prison sentence in the next two weeks.  Jefferson was convicted of taking bribes, corruption and other charges.

The former Congressman was convicted nearly four years ago in 2009, but the entire time since his conviction he has been allowed to remain free.  His freedom was a condition of the fact that the judge in the case let him stay out of jail while he continued to appeal the charges.

Jefferson has been the brunt of political stories, jokes  and criticism after Federal Bureau of Investigation agents recovered some 90-thousand dollars from a freezer in his home.

The latest move came after a federal appeals court decided last month to uphold all of the counts against him except for one.  At today's hearing, the judge said that Jefferson will have to turn himself over to federal marshals by May the fourth and begin serving his sentence.  The former Congressman's attorney says they are still deciding whether or not to continue to pursue the case, and this time that means asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case.



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