A Franklin man has been arrested on a charge of 2nd-degree murder for allegedly killing a woman from Missouri thirty-six years ago.

Camden County investigators came to Franklin last week to interview Larry Gene Hicks about the crime. Based on their interview with the man, he was placed under arrest.

According to KY3 News in Springfield, Missouri, Hicks was charged with the murder of Diana Lukosius back in 1984. The woman died two days after being found next to her car, having been beaten.

Hicks was interview back in 1990, but nothing came of that inquiry. He was interviewed again this month, and investigators say he made conflicting statements. Investigators even interviewed the woman who was Hicks' wife at the time. She said the following morning after Lukosius' attack, Hicks came home drunk with some scratches and with blood on his clothes. He drove right past there on the way to their home. His former wife described him a "big, jealous, and extremely violent when drunk."

Investigators surmise that the woman's car was forced off the road. She was then brutally beaten and left for dead at the Lake of the Ozarks according to lakeexpo.com. She was found in a ditch right by her home as she had been coming home from a Christmas party.

Camden Count Prosecutor J. Caleb Cunningham made this compelling statement about the case during a Friday press conference,

The most infamous crime in Camden County occurred and almost destroyed this community. It struck fear into the citizens, turned neighbors against each other, and left us all diminished for the loss of the victim.

Prosecutors are working to have Hicks extradited back to Missouri.

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