The Hotel Caribe in Cartagena, Columbia was allegedly the site of wrongdoing on the part of one or more Secret Service agents sent there to protect the President of the United States.  Las Vegas was the site (one of many I think) of wrongdoing and wasteful spending on the part of employees of the General Services Administration.  Now that I’ve set the basic scene, here’s what I think.

First the Secret Service agents were in Colombia in advance of the President’s stay so it seems to me they were off duty.  If they didn’t use taxpayer money to entertain themselves while off duty, didn’t worry about the risk of blackmail and used major protection for the sake of them and others I say it’s not my concern.  If the tightwad Secret Service agent had not refused to pay after services were rendered probably none of this would have come to light.  Due to the agent’s refusal to pay the businesswoman in question stayed past the 7:00AM curfew to collect and that’s what caused the commotion.  Again, his money, his time…not my problem.

On the other hand the General Service Administration clowns wasting my tax dollars in Vegas and goodness where else…that ticks me off!  In the first place what do they need a convention for?  They are government employees.  They basically handle our government real estate so don’t they have enough buildings to use in Washington?  Can’t they get some government mess hall to cook meals?  I think they should have thought about the nation’s unemployment figures before they pulled this stunt!