Louisiana culture and cuisine will be spotlighted on a new food/travel show on Nat Geo TV.

Internationally known chef Gordon Ramsay has a new kind of show on the National Geographic Channel which premiers Sunday night, June 7th. It's called "Gordan Ramsay: Uncharted."

The volatile chef will travel to places far and wide to try foods that you might never think about eating. In the first season, Ramsay ventured to places like Peru, New Zealand, Laos, Alaska and Morocco. This season, he's headed to India, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Norway. He will also pay a visit to the bayou in Louisiana.

You've seen Ramsay lose his cool before while chewing out rising chefs on his reality TV cooking shows like "Kitchen Nightmares" or "Hell's Kitchen". This show is quite a bit different. Ramsay around failing restaurants on "Kitchen Nightmares" and other shows.

This is the 2nd season of  "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted," and it will be more about food and travel exploration than a realty/competition type show.

This show is much like "Parts Unknown" hosted by the late Anthony Bourdain on CNN.


From bull-racing in Indonesia to piranha-fishing in Guyana, Gordon Ramsay ups the ante on his next "Uncharted" culinary journey.

Two bulls streak through the knee-deep mud of a flooded rice paddy in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Behind them, dwarfed by the animals’ size, a human jockey with outstretched arms holds tightly to their tails and keeps his feet balanced on thin wooden frames attached to the bulls. The sport, called Pacu Jawi, is a thrilling blend of bull racing and mud skiing created to celebrate the end of the rice harvest. It includes a big helping of unpredictability—when the bulls may decide to go off track and run toward the tightly packed crowd of spectators.

Through the noise of the cheering crowd, Chef Gordon Ramsay is negotiating for the best-quality beef for a dish he has to prepare for the governor of West Sumatra in a few days’ time. A rancher agrees to give him the cuts he needs on one condition—that he take his turn behind the bulls and see how long he can hold on in the race through the rice paddy.

“This is insane!” exclaims Ramsay, as he looks over the spectacle. “OK, I’ll try it.”

It’s a deeper sense of getting down and dirty that Ramsay is chasing in this second season of Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, to learn and discover for himself the secrets behind various cultures’ cuisines. “We’ve raised the stakes,” he says. “It’s a little bit more ambitious, more adventurous, and more dangerous. We’ve upped the ante for the food, as well. I’m not saying that I want to give every chef a passport to kick my ass, but I want them to come out of their comfort zone. It’s important to give them carte blanche to cook with no protection. Don’t worry about me, but push me as hard as you can.”

The Louisiana episode focuses on South Louisiana where he will travel across the bayous in an airboat. He will be joined by chef Eric Cook of the Gris Gris restaurant.n Cook previously worked at Commander's Palace, the National WWII Museum and Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House. The Cajun Navy also helped accommodate Ramsay and the crew in getting to some out of the way places.

He spend lots of time in south Louisiana traveling the bayou in an air boat. He was joined by chef Eric Cook of Gris Gris and you will see them try crawfish, redfish, trout, frogs legs and other delicacies. The Louisiana episode is set to air on June 21.

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