Governor John Bel Edwards signed into law a measure to allow video poker machines to accept 100 dollar bills, up from the current law of only $20. Video Poker Lobbyist Alton Ashy says the main reason for the legislation is the convenience factor for patrons and businesses.

“This doesn’t increase the bet, it doesn’t increase the payout, it simply just allows that patron to put in a $50 or $100 bill.”

Critics say upping the amount allowed into gambling machines would increase the chances for an addiction but Ashy says statistics do not back that opinion up.

“Sports books, backroom card games and sports betting on the internet are much more prevalent when it becomes an issue with someone as far as compulsive gaming.”

Plaquemine Rep. Chad Brown brought forth this legislation so gamblers at truck stops do not have to break a 50 or 100 dollar bill if they want to bet more than 20 dollars at a video poker machine. Ashy says the only reason for this measure is so a patron is not required to ask a cashier for smaller bills.

“Right now someone can walk into a bar, restaurant, or truck stop and they can put in five 20s as easily as they can put in one 100 dollar bill.”