Up to $400,000 has been approved by the Lafayette Parish Council through an emergency ordinance dealing with the Buchanan Street Parking Garage, according to our news partners at KATC. This authorizes Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory's Administration to move forward with work on the failing building.


After years of debate over the now-closed Buchanan Street parking garage in downtown Lafayette, Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory has declared it a safety hazard. Today, Guillory will meet with the parish council to address the structures risk for collapse.

In a recent segment on KPEL's Lafayette Live show, Guillory talked about some of the concrete panels that he was concerned about. It was his understanding that water in between the panels on the outside of the building had weakened the structure. Further, an assessment by the engineering firm Huval & Associates revealed last week that certain walls on the 40-year old garage could possible fall due to structural deficiency.

Earlier this year, four different proposals to redevelop the parking garage were ruled out because of the cost. Barricades will be placed around the garage today, which was closed in October 2018.

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