I am not one to eat gumbo just at any time. If it's really good and I know who cooked it, then I might catch a small taste of it. However, when it's 90 degrees outside and I am sweating from all of my fat rolls, the last thing I want is hot gumbo! There are people out there that are die-hard gumbo gangsters, and I just cannot get down with it. I need a cool front, windows open at home, football on, and a pot steaming on the stove. Those are the things dreams are made of.


It appears that we won't have to wait too much longer. The forecast ahead of us for next weekend shows that we just might get into some real gumbo weather. It could be our next real taste of fall weather since the last one didn't last very long. According to NOAA, and other reports, we should start feeling some lower temperatures in the '70s as a high for northern LA folks, some low '80s for us real southerners south of I-10, and might just be in the '60s at night as the weekend gets closer. Let's all keep our fingers crossed, light our Ben Terry Candles, and put your gumbo pots on standby!

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