He has been in business for years, and now Gus Rantz says he wants to bring all of that knowledge to help the constituents of State House District 31 grow our economy.

Rantz sat down with Bernadette Lee to talk more about his life, his family and things he hopes to accomplish if elected to the job.

He says that he grew up in government housing in New Orleans East, and his parents "worked their tails off" to change their lives.

Rantz says those lessons taught him the beauty and reward of working hard each day to create a better life.

He knows he can bring those skills to Baton Rouge to represent the constituents of District 31.

Rantz says he has a love for his district, our culture and moving the state of Louisiana forward in a positive way. He says he will work as hard as it takes to help our state improve all of our statistics, but he will also build coalitions in the state house to do it.


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