There are very few things more frustrating than getting stuck waiting for a train to pass.

Whether you are running late or even on time, a train passing over the train tracks that you need to cross over to get to the other side towards your destination is an aggravating thing to deal with.

But, it's better to deal with that aggravation and proceed safely through than to have the alternative happen. In other words, your patience will pay off.

Unfortunately, the man in the video below did not display enough patience as he sat at a railroad crossing.

As you can see, the man was growing frustated waiting on the train to make its way to the railroad crossing. But, he quickly learned how virtuous patience can really be!

Operation Lifesaver is an organization that teaches rail safety education. My driver's education course featured their material as they seek to lessen accidents that happen at railroad tracks across the country. According to the organization, Louisiana sits #8 in the nation for collisions at railroad crossings. In numbers based on preliminary 2021 Federal Railroad Administratin statistics, had 79 collisions resulting in 5 deaths and 39 injuries.

Nationwide, there were over 2,100 crossing collisions that happened in 2021 resulting in over 230 fatalities and 660 injuries.

Those numbers are way too high. Let this video serve as a reminder that patience is truly a virtue: please don't try to beat the train!

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