Jeanerette Police Chief Dusty Vallot told KLFY that a woman in their city was shot to death. The details of the situation are heartbreaking.

He says that the woman was just standing in her kitchen when multiple shots hit her home.

While the Chief didn't identify the victim of the shooting, KLFY spoke to the family of Anita Bobb who says she was the victim of the fatal shooting.

They quoted Anita's husband George Bobb III as saying,

Bobby, I'm shot! They shot me and I said I'm coming.

Those few words were the last words Bobb ever heard from his wife, Anita. She died on the kitchen floor. He says she had been in the kitchen through midnight because she was working on a benefit dinner for her sister who had just died.

Anita's step-daughter, Karnisha, says it is not the first time that stray bullets have gone through the house. Bobb is pleading with the people who are responsible for shootings to stop as innocent people are also getting killed during the violence.

Karnisha also told Channel 10 the following:

I think that it is time that everybody come together we just a little bitty town before you now it everybody's gonna be dead if they keep killing each other.

Then she wanted to speak directly to the people who were responsible for Anita's death,

Whoever did it to come forward because she was a well-known lady. Se didn't have any enemies. Everybody loved Anita, known as Mice."

If you have any information about what happened you are asked to call the Jeanerette Police Department.

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