There is a certain travel website that features an imaginary spokesperson who goes by the name of Captain Obvious. Well, the good Captain could sit in for one of our favorite weathermen this morning when the discussion turns to how hot it's going to be in Acadiana today.

Because of these torrid "feels like" temperatures a Heat Advisory has been posted from the Atchafalaya Basin to the east to well into southeast Texas to the west. No, that's not really good news for those that are sweltering without power trying to clean up after Hurricane Laura.

But even if you're only going to be doing mild activities, you know something like mowing the yard, taking a walk, or just stepping outside to get the mail, you should exercise more caution than you do actual exercise.

41 Action News via YouTube

Health experts agree that heat exhaustion and heat stroke can sneak up on a person rather quickly so the best way to treat those conditions is to avoid them. That means you'll want to take frequent breaks during your outside activities and make sure you are drinking plenty of water too.

The actual Heat Advisory is in effect from 9 am until 8 pm tonight. But I can tell you even at this early stage of the day it's already warm enough to break a sweat just walking from the car to the parking lot. Don't forget to take care of your outside pets during these times of high temperatures and always be sure to check the backseat of your vehicle to make sure all passengers have exited before you park the car.


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