When you think of Shaquille O'Neal and Congressman Clay Higgins, you might not think they have much in common since one is a global sports legend and the other is a Representative in the United States House.

But, the two, for years, have been reserved deputies under the Lafayette Marshall's Office.

Things have changed though, according to The Current.

Now that the Lafayette City Marshall is Mike Hill, he made the decision to pare down the amount of reserve deputy marshals.

Congressman Higgins turned in his gun, badge and commission several months ago, and O'Neal is now an auxiliary officer with the Broward County Sheriff's Department in Florida turning over his Lafayette commission card to officials.

Higgins is now a reserve office with the Louisiana Department of Justice.

Shaq will be turning in his gun when he comes back to Louisiana this summer according to officials as there are multiple laws about mailing firearms.






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