Early last week pictures were already beginning to surface on social media of cars across South Louisiana coated in a thin yellow film. Those of us who have lived through a"late winter" or "early spring" season or two in this part of the country know that this is just a foreboding symbol of what is about to come.

Yes, the yellow menace that is pollen is again descending on the Gulf South.

Based on the reports I've read on Pollen.com, Wednesday's line of severe storms and rain actually have given us a bit of a break from what was quickly becoming a sneezing-sniffling-teary-eyed quagmire of allergy symptoms. The rain gave the atmosphere a bath but Mother Nature is relentless so that reprieve from the pollen will be very short-lived indeed.

The current pollen forecast does suggest that today and Saturday pollen counts in the area will be in the low to medium range. However, that starts to change on Sunday as the pollen counts will rise, in fact, almost doubling for the area. By early next week, pollen counts will be in the "high" range.

So what can sufferers of seasonal allergies do to prevent the unwanted angst of those annoying symptoms? Most experts suggest a visit to your doctor first. You'll want to verify that pollen is your only problem. Then doctors seem to recommend a combination of extra cleanliness and over-the-counter medications.

You might also want to limit your time outside, especially if you live in an area where there are a lot of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants. If you do have to be outside, make sure you are washing work clothes regularly and that you're washing your hair and body after having been outside in the pollen too.

For the most part, seasonal allergies are just an inconvenience and annoyance. However, in these pandemic times, the thought of having to explain a sneeze or a sniffle in public presents its own set of anxiety-inducing concerns.

One other thing, based on my personal experience, many of the OTC allergy meds do tend to make you drowsy. So, be careful about taking that Benadryl and then going on a Zoom virtual meeting. You might find it even harder to stay awake if you do.

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