Dr. Kevin decides to tackle a topic you may have never heard of before - earthing, or grounding.

"Our body going through its daily processes builds up a slight positive charge, and these slight charges create inflammation, which is the precursor to almost every disease," says Dr. Kevin.

"Earthing is a timeless practice in a modern discovery in it simply means living in contact with the Earth's natural surface."

In this episode, Dr. Kevin explains how we don't come in contact with the ground like we used to.

"Our ancestors used to sleep on the ground, we used to walk barefooted, we used to be out in the sun. Now, we are isolated from it. We wear rubber-soled shoes, we live inside a building, we sleep four feet off the ground, we have a computer two feet from our face every day. We have electromagnetic fields all around us at all times in the way of Wi-Fi, microwaves, television, cell phones. All of these devices create electromagnetic fields."

LISTEN to Dr. Kevin explain how earthing can be beneficial to you in this modern society.

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