Our esteemed Governor, Bobby Jindal has said he is not running for any other office. At least in the last campaign that's what he said. I use the word 'esteemed' because he is esteemed at least by Sean Hannity.

During the last month Governor Jindal has appeared more on Sean Hannity's radio show than he has appeared on any NewsTalk 96.5 KPEL talk show. He's only appeared once on Hannity during the past month...in other words he has not seen fit to be on local, Acadiana radio during the last month.

Over the last three years we have repeatedly called Jindal's office and e-mailed his office to request interview time on local or state issues. At no time did we receive the courtesy of a return call or e-mail from his staff. However almost every Friday afternoon we here at KPEL receive 20 to 30 e-mail press releases from his office telling us of various appointments to the hog-calling board or some such thing. His office is also great at calling us the morning of an event more than 50 miles from Lafayette to request our presence at some ribbon cutting where Jindal will be reading from a script.

Now that Governor Jindal has hired Sarah Haley as his press secretary I am sure we will have more access to his transparent administration...right! Sarah Haley as of late worked on the national level with Rick Santorum's campaign and as press secretary for Ann Romney. Just an assumption, but I'm sure the hiring of Haley will not do anything to get more information to the voters of Louisiana.

With Jindal's great approval ratings in Louisiana, which he has said doesn't concern him, we'll see if he can snow the rest of the country as he has snowed Sean Hannity. Considering how well he did at CPAC it will be interesting to see how much Sarah Haley can do for Jindal on the national level.

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