Cavan Bordelon is a native son of Louisiana, born and raised in New Orleans. Like many guys in his (older) generation, the youngest of 3 sons grew up hunting, fishing, playing sports. After graduating college in 1996, Cavan moved to Lafayette for a job as a television news reporter.  He’d spend the next 7 years learning to love the Acadiana area and the Cajun culture it represents.

He’s talking about everything that makes Acadiana great. From its values rooted in its Catholic heritage to the rugged, strong, kind, caring, and fun-loving people who originally settled south Louisiana. It’s about the truth of who we are in pursuit of perfecting the art of being a conservative, Catholic, Cajun man!

"Opportunities are great. Opportunists…not so much," says Cavan. "We have so many chances to follow our implicit bias today, but if it’s done at other's expense then we know it’s all about control. Their control. Join us for a Willet Pot Still Bourbon this week on 'Implicit Bias.'"

"Implicit Bias" can be heard every Saturday from 11:00 a.m. until noon.


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