Certain "life hacks" take the internet by storm every now and then and this ceiling fan hack is no exception. Check out the video that will certainly leave you cleaning up those dirty ceiling fans in a different way for the rest of your life.

We've all been there.


You finally muster up the energy to pull a chair to the middle of your room in order to stand up and clean that filthy ceiling fan.

If you're like me, you've grabbed a combination of paper towels, wet-wipes, all-purpose home cleaner, and possibly even the trash can for easy disposal of the dirty waste.


Still, no matter how hard I try there always ends up being clumps of dirt and dust falling onto the floor which creates yet another mess to take care of.

But now, one genius person has taken the ceiling-fan-cleaning game to all new heights.


In what looks to be an old pillow case, this person wraps the entire board of the ceiling fan up in the case and tightens it at the end. From there, they simply apply pressure to the top and bottom of the board and pull all of that grime back into the actual pillow case.

From there, you could take the dirty pillow case outside and simply shake it out in order to wash and reuse. Or, to make life even easier, just throw the whole pillow case out when you've gotten all of the ceiling fans in your home nice and clean.

Life Hack on How to Clean Dirty Ceiling Fans

See the full "hack" for yourself via Twitter below.

The world of social media has been enamored by the simple trick that may change the way you clean your ceiling fans forever.

See reactions to the "life hack" via Twitter below.

Some argued that there are better options out there.

Still, some had to further explain how cleaning ceiling fans just isn't always that easy.

Don't mind me - just going clean every single ceiling fan in my house.

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