Over the years I think everyone who has eaten in a school cafeteria has had a food experience that wasn't quite up to par. For the most part, though, school lunches serve their purpose. An Associated Press story posted on the KLFY website really piqued my curiosity about what happened.

Remember how it never seemed to fail that spinach was on the menu the same day they cut the grass at school? While that's not what really happened I can remember having multiple conversations about this with my classmates during elementary and middle school.

Children in an Alaskan school program got quite a shock this week when what they drank turned out not to be milk.

Officials with the Juneau Police Department are investigating a food mix-up incident at an elementary school.

The kids started to complain after drinking the beverage which everyone thought was milk. Some kids said the beverage felt like it was burning their mouths, and others complained that it tasted bad.

After school officials started looking at the container, it was found that while they thought they were serving milk it was actually floor sealant.

This breakfast program at the school for children ages 5-12 is one where the food comes in bigger packaging and for some reason floor sealant, which has a milky consistency was served to the kids by mistake.

While the food products and cleaning products were all held in the same area of a warehouse for the school is just one of the questions that police are trying to get an answer to.

They do say they do not suspect that this was done on purpose.

Superintendent Weiss says the affected children were picked up by their parents, and at least one sought medical attention. However, Weiss says all the students are perfectly fine now.

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