SHREVEPORT, LA - New laws go into effect on January 1 across the nation. One of the biggest changes will be a minimum wage increase in more than 20 states.

Millions of workers will be getting pay bumps as we ring in the new year. Minimum wages are going up in 22 states.

What States Are Raising Minimum Wages?

  • Alaska: $11.73
  • Arizona: $14.35
  • California: $16
  • Colorado: $14.42
  • Connecticut: $15.69
  • Delaware: $13.25
  • Hawaii: $14
  • Illinois: $14
  • Maine: $14.15
  • Maryland: $15
  • Michigan: $10.33
  • Minnesota: $10.85
  • Missouri: $12.30
  • Montana: $10.30
  • Nebraska: $12
  • New Jersey: $15.13
  • New York: $16
  • Ohio: $10.45
  • Rhode Island: $14
  • South Dakota: $11.20
  • Vermont: $13.67
  • Washington: $16.28

Three other states are raising wages later in the year. Wages in Nevada and Oregon are going up July 1. It will be $12 an hour in Nevada and $14.20 in Oregon. Florida bumps up pay to $13 an hour on September 30.

But this news is already having an impact. Pizza Hut franchises have announced they are eliminating in-house delivery services, laying off more than 1200 drivers. The company says customers will have to use 3rd party apps for delivery. Other companies, including McDonald's say they will have to boost prices to pay for the increased wages.

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Louisiana and Texas abide by that wage. Louisiana has no minimum wage law.

The State law excludes from coverage any employment that is subject to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

The Texas State minimum wage law does not contain current dollar minimums. Instead the State adopts the federal minimum wage rate by reference.

Top 10 Highest Paying States

District of Columbia

Basic Minimum Rate (per hour): $17.00


Basic Minimum Rate (per hour): $16.28

New York

Basic Minimum Rate (per hour): $16.00


Basic Minimum Rate (per hour): $16.00


Basic Minimum Rate (per hour): $15.69


Basic Minimum Rate (per hour): $15.00

New Jersey

Basic Minimum Rate (per hour): $15.13


Basic Minimum Rate (per hour): $15.00


Basic Minimum Rate (per hour): $14.42


Basic Minimum Rate (per hour): $14.35

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