A man in Memphis, Tennessee is in trouble with the law after he attempted to rob a convenience store on three separate occasions.

Reginald Cook, 26, is charged with two counts of attempted aggravated robbery.

However, the kicker to the story is what Cook brought into the store with him on the third time he allegedly tried to rob it.

According to Action News 5, when the would-be robber didn't get the money he wanted on the previous two visits to the store, he returned a third time with a snake wrapped around his neck.

It was then that Cook demanded money from the clerk and implied that he would let the snake bite the clerk if he was not given the cash.

At that point, the victim reportedly pulled out his gun to defend himself and police arrived shortly thereafter and took Cook into custody.

No money was taken from the store and no injuries were reported in this attempted robbery.

We have had stories in the past of people trying to rob places with guns or knives, but I cannot recall ever writing a story on an attempted robbery with a snake being the choice of weapon.

This is a first for me.


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