The Federal Trade Commission and the postal service have a warning for many in Louisiana and Texas.

Scams are an everyday thing these days and sadly those who are looking to scam you and me are getting better and braver.

With that said, scammers have found a way to make messages and emails look legit or "real," but they aren't. Scammers who send you things often want to gain financial information from you or even put malware on your devices. This in return allows them access to some of your devices.

Knowing that, the United States Postal Service is warning citizens about a scam that they  call, "Smishing."

This scam happens when you receive a message, that appears to be coming from the USPS, and the message is that you need to click on a link about a package that is being sent to you. Of course, many are clicking on it, thus risking their privacy.

Michael Martel, a postal inspector at the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) reminds all of us that they never send texts from strange email addresses. If you ever receive a message from an account that you do not recognize or if it is just "fishy" do not click on it and do not open any files that may be attached.


One of the best ways to combat spammers is to report them, and if you happen to get a message regarding a package you weren't expecting, you can report it by clicking here. 

Let's also remember that scammers will use your phone number to contact you and often they resort to threats to get you to send them money. If you suspect that someone is attempting to scam you, the best thing to do is to hang up on them and block that number from ever calling you again.

This is very important information and a great reminder that you should share it with others via social media. So, please consider sharing this story on your social media pages so that someone you know doesn't fall victim to this latest scam.


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