A viral video from Ole Miss shows a security guard trying his best to stop fans from rushing the field, but his efforts fail short.

Fans rushed the field after Ole Miss defeated LSU on Saturday night and security surrounding the filed did their best to stop fans.

Well, fans out numbered  security, but that didn't stop one man from attempting to his job.

The video, which you will see here, does his best to stop fans rushing the field, and he misses on a few. However, one young lady got too close to him and he laid a hit on her.

The female fan falls to ground, then gets back on her feet to resume her celebrations.

And while this hit on the female may have been a bit much, you have to applaud this security gurad for doing his best to keep fans off of the field.

Ole Miss has been fined $100,000 after fans took to the field to celebrate the vicctory last Saturday night.

In another video, one fan cllimbed up the goal post as fans rushed the field, and he did a flip off of it when it came time to get down.

Check this out.


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