If you have bananas at home you may want to inspect them soon, and if you're going to the store anytime soon be sure to inspect the fruit before purchasing them.

A photo of the popular fruit on social media has many concerned and asking if their fruit may have been infected too.

Years ago a colleague of mine told me a story about fruit that they purchased and since then, I have gotten into the habit of always inspecting my fruit, and you should too.

The photo that has caught the attention of many on social media shows a spot on a banana, and the person who posted it was asking what it could be. Well, when you ask you get answers and sometimes you may not want the truth.

Several people who saw this spot on the banana noted right away that something may be in the fruit and that she should probably dispose of it immediately.

Chanel Analise Russel
Chanel Analise Russel

Those responding to the post on Facebook said that a SPIDER may have gotten into this banana and that it is likely still in it. Luckily the person who posted the photo noticed the imperfection in the fruit and asked what it could be before eating it.

So, I share this with you in hopes that this reminds you and encourages you to always inspect your fruit and vegetables before eating or serving them, you never know what may be embedded in them.

What a great catch by this person.

Now, check out this video below that shows someone cutting into the spot on a banana, and several small spiders are seen exiting the piece of fruit.


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