The intersection of Johnston Street and Doucet in Lafayette has long been a focal point for local residents, and many restaurants have come and gone.

This has left an undeniable void in the heart of the community.

With its strategic position and high visibility, residents have often wondered what it would take to revitalize this corner and bring back the buzz that once characterized it.

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The good news is that the location is not the problem, its definitely considered prime real estate. With that being said, this prime location's lease must cost a pretty penny and needs business that easily cover the costs every month.

We had a brainstorming session with the community to figure out what could be successful and here is what y'all came up with.

Top Businesses Requested to Fill The Void on The Corner of Johnston Street and Doucet

The Lafayette community is determined to redeem this corner and they have some ideas on what should go there next.

Gallery Credit: Sydney Ducharme

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