Louisiana is the perfect breeding ground for strong spring and summer storms. Thanks to our lovely humidity and warmer temperatures, we tend to see an increase in storms at this time of year.

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We have all heard weather myths at one point or another; some of us may even still believe them as adults. I, for one, had no idea that there was no such thing as 'heat lightning.' For as long as I can remember, I have been told that on those sunny summer days when you see lightning, it's merely because of the heat.

Apparently, when you see lighting and don't hear thunder afterward, it's because the storm is just too far away. But there is another lightning myth that you often hear growing up that I wish were true.

Can Lighting Stike The Same Place Twice?

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This was a nice myth to believe, especially if you have been struck by lightning or had your home struck by lightning. Maybe I'm just too gullible but I also believed this lightning myth until a Louisiana meteorologist shared details of how many times a communication tower was struck during the storms Monday night.

According to Christopher Fontenot he was able to debunk the myth that lightning doesn't string the same place twice. He says a communication tower in Plaquemine was struck 15+ times during Monday's storms.

Not only can lightning strike the same place or structure twice, but apparently, it can strike over 15 times. Not sure if that's luck or a warning, but either way, these photos of the strikes are incredible.

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