Slowly, but surely it is starting to feel like fall here in Louisiana, a little bit that is. Promises of a cold front are just around the corner and fall and Halloween decorations have started to pop up around town.

You may have noticed that some houses display different-colored pumpkins instead of the traditional orange-colored ones we are used to seeing every year. Turns out that different colored pumpkins sometimes signify special meanings depending on what color they are painted. Here's what each one represents.

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Teal Pumpkins

The Teal Pumpkin Project
The Teal Pumpkin Project

This trend was started by the Food Allergy Research & Education organization to help make people aware of serious food allergies. Teal pumpkins are a reminder that not every kid can eat every treat handed out on Halloween.

Purple Pumpkins

The Purple Pumpkin Project
The Purple Pumpkin Project

The Purple Pumpkin Project started 10 years ago and its mission each year is to raise awareness for people who suffer from epilepsy.

Pink Pumpkins

The Pink Pumpkin Project
The Pink Pumpkin Project

The Pink Pumpkin Project is a non-profit started to spread awareness of breast cancer. With over 3.8 million women in the United States having a history of breast cancer there is always a need to remind others to stay aware of it.

Blue Pumpkins

Sensational Kids Pediatric Therapy LLC
Sensational Kids Pediatric Therapy LLC

This Halloween, be on the lookout for blue buckets and pumpkins. These signify that the home or child has autism and may not be able to say "trick or treat". The pumpkins encourage conversations about autism while the buckets help people handing out candy to be aware of children who may be non-verbal.

Red Pumpkins

MADD Facebook Page
madd Facebook Page

Mothers Against Drunk Driver (MADD) is an organization that raises awareness for their cause by displaying red pumpkins during Halloween.

Yellow Pumpkins

Kimberly Means Via Unsplash
Kimberly Means Via Unsplash

Inspired by the Teal Pumpkin Project, mother Laura Slatter is raising awareness for childhood apraxia of speech, a motor speech disorder that makes it challenging to communicate.

White Pumpkins

Aimee Armour Via Unsplash
Aimee Armour Via Unsplash

This Halloween tradition started after a Facebook post with a poem written by Jennifer Giles, a mother who lost her child, Madelyn. Now white pumpkins are used to represent pregnancy and infant loss.

A beautiful poem by Jennifer Giles
This is the story
Of a pumpkin of white
What is its place on this autumn night?
Amidst all the orange and colors of fall
It seems out of place; not belonging at all
But oh what a place, and oh what a story
You see, in its face lies the image of glory
Of babies so small, so incredibly tiny
Perfect in purpose, their souls shining brightly
No less a baby, a child just the same
As one who was held and called by their name
Was my baby a he?
Or was she a she?
What would my child have grown up to be?
Yet bigger than questions and what ifs and whys
Is the comfort they feel when they look to the skies
For their hope is the truth that they so tightly cling
“I’ll know all the answers, understand everything
on the day that God hands my child back to me”
This pumpkin is sweet baby boys and girls
Who never opened their eyes to this world
Never cried, never feared
Protected from pain
Touched by their innocence
We’re never the same
Lives perfect and pure
All things lovely and sweet
And we honor them here
‘Till heaven we meet
This pumpkin is all of the sweet little ones
Whose lives although short were covered in love
In kisses and snuggles, rocking and playing
Their parents not knowing they wouldn’t be staying
But the time that they had they would never trade
Even if they could be saved from the pain
Their cribs may be empty, but the promise remains
One day they’ll hold their babies again
This pumpkin is for all these sweet angel friends
Whose parents all know this isn’t the end
And how they are doing
Tonight up in heaven
Is better than anything we could imagine
Though we’re missing our children
And we’re still on this side
Our hearts will continue to swell with pride
At the special, the wondrous, the out of place things
Like this white pumpkin, and the joy that it brings
A reminder that our children are more than alive
They are perfectly whole, all things are made right
Angel parents, I know there’s still tears to be shed
But I hope that this pumpkin brings peace instead
Our babies are promised forever in heaven
And that’s the best gift we could ever be given.

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