Nobody wants to believe that the choices that they are making can be dangerous, let alone deadly to their self and loved ones. Especially when those choices are bringing a potentially life threatening disease into their own Texas home.

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The CDC issued an outbreak report that is effecting much of the country, but Texas is showing up higher than many other states for total number of residents getting ill. If you look at the graph below, you will see Texas is lumped in with the states to have had the most reported outbreaks of Salmonella.


Why are so many people in Texas and the United States getting salmonella?

It turns out because we're housing it right in our own backyards. Instead of worrying about something getting into the hen house, chicken owners should be more worried about something getting out of the hen house, and into your own house.

How do you prevent salmonella within your chicken coop and home?

One of the most important things to do is to leave the outdoor stuff outside. Any clothing, shoes, or other tools that are used to handle chickens should be kept from coming inside, even to clean those items.

Handling of the eggs is very important, but you also don't want to let the birds inside, or allow anyone, especially children, to snuggle and play with the livestock. The CDC has very clear handling protocols outlined in this article.

So far, nobody has died from the nationwide outbreak, but there have been several hospitalizations.

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