Another day, another scam emerges in Texas. It's never been a crazier time to watch out for any weird calls you get on your phone. Turns out, now people are trying to scam you by actually posing as banks to get your information. I would know... I nearly became one.

These scammers will pose as your bank to get your personal information

This week I received a call from my bank, Wells Fargo; it was a man claiming I had some suspicious transactions through Zelle & they wanted to confirm whether or not these were legitimate. When they started listing them off, I was shocked to hear the amount of money "being taken out of my account". I explained that no, I never did such transactions.

What was shocking was the number actually came up under the name "WELLS FARGO" with a 915 El Paso area code. Even my phone said it was Wells Fargo calling, so I was fooled into calling. It LOOKED REAL.

Daniel Paulus
Daniel Paulus

The other shocking part was the man did not introduce himself or even say who he was trying to reach; he did not give out a name, only the name of the bank. Well after being alarmed, I asked whom they were trying to contact (because I KNEW it wasn't me. Maybe they had the wrong number). As soon as I asked, they hung up on me without a second thought.

Immediately I called Wells Fargo customer service & explained what just happened. The woman on the line was extremely helpful. They reassured me that my bank account was fine, that no one got into my account & redirected me to the fraud department to let them know what happened so they could keep an eye on this sort of thing.

The people I talked to from Wells Fargo also said that yes this has happened before; they have had instances where people will take a legitimate phone number and pretend to be Wells Fargo to trick people into giving their personal information (they don't know who you are so make these fake claims to FIND OUT who you are). Whether it's their name, account number, card number, etc. So a huge thank you to the Wells Fargo customer service for giving me that peace of mind.

The sad part of this story is that THIS HAS happened before so people HAVE fallen for this trick. So next time you get a call from your bank, just make sure the person you're talking to actually says their name, where they're calling from, and they say who they're trying to contact. Because if they don't, it's possible it could be a scammer on the line.

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