Tonight is the big night. The night I and millions of others have been waiting on. The End Game is here, and here are my thoughts.

I'm currently sitting in the movie theater parking lot as I'm writing this, waiting patiently to make my way into the theater.

I'm not necessarily a gigantic "movie guy" but I can say with certainty, I;ve never been this excited to see a film. I've never had this sense of wonder and eagerness in regards to a movie. There is nothing on the planet like Avengers: End Game, and chances are, nothing will ever come close.

This is the final movie in a 22-film story-arc entitled the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Literally everything that has happened before, has led us to this very moment, and I can't wait to dive right in.

Once I leave the theater, I will update this article with my spoiler-free thoughts on the movie. Check back later tonight!



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