Jim Simon, General Manager of the American Sugarcane League visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss the Farm Bill and the Louisiana sugar industry.  According to Simon,

Provisions for sugar that are in the current farm bill are simply a renewal of our 'no cost' program that we've had over the last ten years or so.  So we're just trying to renew our program.  The bill has gotten through both the House and Senate Ag committees and it's moved partially through the Senate Floor...The final vote on the Senate side should happen Monday or Tuesday of next week and then it should move to the House Floor with a final vote in a week or so.

Simon went on to say, The farm bill also provides food security with American farmers providing the safest, most dependable and reliable food supplies in the world.  Back in the '70s OPEC nations had us literally over a barrel...Without some sort of food policy in place our food supply and our country would be subject to production by foreigners.

When asked about the impact of the sugar industry on the Louisiana economy Simon said,

  For us the sugar industry provides approximately 16,000 jobs and $3 billion in revenue.


Listen to the interview:

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