Louisiana State Representative Joel Robideaux visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss Governor Jindal's proposal to eliminate the state's income tax and replace it with higher sales taxes.

We asked Robideaux if he thought the Governor's tax proposal was dead in the water at this point and he replied,

As long as it's the Governor's package it's never dead in the water but it's clear it's not ready to be debated.  There's a bunch of other packages out there that Members have filed so we'll get started on those and see what their fate is.

Robideaux went on to say,

Me and other legislators think that getting rid of the income tax is a good thing and ultimately it benefits the state in a big way...The idea is still good, it's not that the income tax repeal is a good thing.

Many have suggested, including 250 religious leaders, have said the Governor's income tax elimination proposal is a regressive form of taxation due to the effect it will have on lower income families and those on fixed incomes.  Robideaux said,

There were elements in the bill  to address that and I can say with 100 percent sincerity the Governor's package had elements to insure the those on fixed incomes or low income families would be protected.

Representative Robideaux had more to say and you can learn more about the Governor's plan by listening to the interview:

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