The campaign for Keith Stutes, a candidate for the 15th Judicial District Attorney's Office, is calling on current District Attorney Mike Harson to accept a debate on both KPEL and KATC.

KPEL offered multiple dates for a possible debate to be held ahead of the Nov. 4 elections. The Stutes campaign immediately accepted all proposed dates, but we have yet to hear anything definitive from the Harson campaign.

In a press release sent to all members of the media Thursday, Stutes said Harson was "hiding from the voters in his refusal to commit to broadcast debates."

"By dodging questions from the media and failing to explain his secret pay raise and record of mismanagement, Mike is cheating the voters of the 15th Judicial District," Stutes said. "The issue facing our families, businesses, and communities is a result of his lack of oversight and safeguards are too important."

Both Stutes and Harson were guests on two separate occasions on KPEL's morning program, "Nathan & Bernie in the Morning." In each interview, the scandal that plagued the district attorney's office two years ago was at the forefront. Stutes accused Harson of operating a "secret program," while Harson questioned Stutes timeline of the events and his ability to lead.