It's been 16 long but exciting weeks of America's Got Talent.  The live finals kicked off tonight.  One of the most mesmerizing performers this season has been Kodi Lee.

Lee, 23, was born blind and diagnosed with autism at the age of 4.  Lee is one of only 25 people in the world who exudes the abilities of a musical prodigious savant.

Tonight, Kodi performed, 'Lost Without You' by Freya Ridings and Queen Bee Beyonce personally let him use it for the finals.  Just Kodi, red tennis shoes, a perfectly tuned Steinway and magic.  The magic that was heard around the world tonight.

Lee is an inspiration to all, proving that if you want something bad enough and if it makes you happy, you can have it.  Lee is one of the frontrunners in this season's competition.

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