New Orleans Congressman Cedric Richmond says his joke about Donald Trump aid Kellyanne Conway was misinterpreted.

Richmond spoke last night at the Washington Press Club Foundation Dinner and joked that Conway “looked familiar” while kneeling.

Richmond was alluding to a well-known photo of Conway on her knees on a sofa in the Oval Office. Political Analyst Clancy Dubos says Richmond’s comment will fade away from the headlines.

“I think it’s a story for a day, I think Kellyanne Conway makes headlines on her own.”

Dubos says Conway’s comment about alternative facts will be around a lot longer than Richmond’s comment about her sitting position. He says Richmond’s joke came after U.S. Senator Tim Scott made a lot of racial jokes before the audience.

“You can argue whether Richmond was a little over the line but the whole point of him being there and Senator Scott being there was to make fun on live TV, on CSPAN.”

The Louisiana Republican Party says Congressman Richmond made a deeply offensive remark regarding Kellyanne Conway and he owes her a sincere and prompt apology. Dubos says he was watching this as it was happening and it was a light hearted setting and it’s possible Richard may have went over the line but…

“He never intended this to be taken seriously.”

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