Bobby Jindal (Wikipedia User Gage Skidmore)

After saying "it comes down to the race of the President of the United States" in her address to the La. Senate on Tuesday concerning Obamacare and federal Medicaid expansion in Louisiana, the Republican Party of Louisiana called on New Orleans Sen. Karen Carter Peterson to apologize. But she hasn't yet, and according to the video below, is not even addressing the issue.

Sen. Peterson was approached by WBRZ on Wednesday about her comments, but she ignored them and went into the Capitol building.

"I think it's wrong to call people racist just because they disagree with President Obama, just because they disagree with Obamacare," says Gov. Jindal. There's a way to have that debate. There's a way to express your opinion without name-calling, without calling people a racist. I'd hope the senator would apologize."

State Senator Elbert Guillory

Sen. Elbert Guillory of Opelousas, a black Democrat, weighed in on this issue. He called her comments absurd. "Some decks have only one card in it, and that's the race card. And I'm so sick of hearing it."

Watch the news report below: