The Lafayette Parish School Board met for the regular meeting last night, and they decided to defer their decision making about whether or not to approve charter schools for the parish.

Members voted 5 to 4 to defer the issue until after they hold a workshop to found out more information about charter schools.

Superintendent Pat Cooper says the board must take action within 90 days of a group's submission of an application for a charter school.

That means a decision must be made by October 26th.

The Lafayette Charter Foundation has proposed three schools:

  • One K-8 school to open next August
  • Another K-8 to open in 2015
  • One a high school for 2017

Inspire Charter Academy Incorporated would like to have two charter schools in Lafayette parish that teach students between kindergarten and eight grade.

The board did not announce a date yet for a workshop about charter schools.

More discussion on the issue with happen on Mornings With Ken and Bernie tomorrow as Gifford Briggs joins the show at 8:47 a.m. on Friday, August 23.

Briggs will talk about Charter Schools USA wanting to have two charter schools in Lafayette Parish.