Could we be facing new tax proposals in the future for the city and parish of Lafayette?  Lafayette City Parish Council Chairman Brandon Shelvin has called for a meeting this Monday to discuss tax issues for our area.

Shelvin has invited multiple entities to participate in Monday's meeting.  He has alerted:

  • The Lafayette Parish School Board
  • The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office
  • The five smaller municipalities in the parish of Lafayette
  • Several other local government entities that are supported by local tax revenue

The meeting will be held in Lafayette's council auditorium on the first floor of Lafayette's City Hall on University.

Shelvin says he hopes that each of the groups will come to the table with their financial needs along with any ideas they may have for upcoming tax proposals.

This meeting comes at a time with local officials continue looking into financial issues for Lafayette Consolidated Government and how different aspects of government are funding.  There have long been questions about whether or not some revenue bases can cover the services currently being provided.

The meeting will be at 2 p.m.