There are still no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Lafayette.

That statement was made on The Ross Report Tuesday as Carol Ross was joined by Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory, Chief Executive Officer at Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center Bryan Lee, and President of Lafayette General Health David Callecod.

Callecod pointed out LGMC, who is partnered with Oschner, is working with them and are coordinating with the Parish government for the COVID-19 testing while Lee stressed that the hospitals are working with the community to combat the virus.

As far as screening that is beginning on Wednesday, Guillory confirmed how they will conduct it - on the phone by calling 3-1-1 in conjunction with the Schumacher Group & at the Cajundome from 9 AM to 3 PM.

"The preferred method is by phone at 3-1-1," says Callecod. "A lot of the screening can happen on the phone as nurses ask questions and can give you answers. That allows you to stay at home."

"If you come to the Cajundome, you will need to stay in your vehicle. A nurse will ask you a set of questions and take your temperature. If it's greater than 100.4 degrees, that will be of concern."

Age and underlying comprised condition will be two big factors taken into the screening process as well.

People will also be given a flu test. Medicine will not be given at the screening.

"The intent is to provide screening, not to provide COVID-19 testing," says Callecod "because there is not enough tests available."

"We do not need people going to the Emergency Rooms," says Lee. "We need to save our ER's."

"The screening at the Cajundome is free of charge," says Jamie Angelle, Chief Communications Officer with the Guillory Administration. "If someone goes through the screening and is determined to need a flu or COVID-19 test, they would have to pay a fee for that test if they do not have insurance."

As far as Coronavirus testing at a hospital is concerned, an ID card, Isurance Card and $50 will be needed for the testing. There are several pending tests in Lafayette Parish.

Also, Guillory confirmed Parish and City Council meeting will go on tonight. There will be a temperature check for any one going to the meeting and there will be a limit of 50 people allowed in the meeting at one time.

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