Social media can be a confusing place, especially when it comes to multiple cities with the same name.

There has been numerous people speaking out on the Lafayette Public Library hosting Drag Queen Story Time. Some are all for it, some are against it, and some are right in the middle, saying things like, "if you don't like it, just don't bring your kids."

Lafayette, Indiana is probably the second most famous city named Lafayette, next to us. You can see how on Twitter, trying to find the city of Lafayette, Louisiana might be confused with Lafayette, Indiana. It's a simple mistake. That is until the "other" Lafayette weighs in on the issue at hand.

Lafayette, Indiana's Twitter account was accidentally tagged in a post about the Drag Queen Story Time situation that's happening here. Instead of ignoring it, or leaving it at "you tagged the wrong place," they went ahead and added their response to what's going on.

It seems the tweet has since been deleted, but KATC screen capped it beforehand.

It seems that Lafayette, Indiana is on the side of, "The show must go on."

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