28-year-old Briana Roy of Lafayette now sits in the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center after Scott Police say she allegedly forcibly took one of her children out of his guardian's custody and left him with a cab driver who took them to a hotel in Lafayette.

According to a press release from Scott PD, it all started when Roy showed up at the guardian's home in the 1400 block of Westgate Road on Tuesday, allegedly pushed her way through the door and demanded money from the guardian, who was injured during the alleged break-in. When the guardian denied Roy's demand for money, the guardian says Roy picked up a gaming console and smashed the front glass door.

The guardian was watching Roy's children because they were taken away from Roy by the court.

mugshot from Scott Police
mugshot from Scott Police

Roy then allegedly forced one of the children - a son - into a waiting cab that took them to a hotel in Lafayette. That's when Roy allegedly got out of the vehicle and left the boy with the cab driver. Lafayette Police, who were able to track Roy's drop off location, were able to find the boy and take him back to his guardian.

Lafayette Police officers were also able to find Roy and arrest her after Scott Police confirmed she was still at the hotel.

Roy faces the following charges:

  • Domestic Abuse Battery-Child Endangerment
  • Home Invasion
  • Interference with the Custody of a Child

Roy's bond was set at $55,000.

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